I should not have said that.

I have no idea why Sridharan doesn't want to go to Vickie's party.

Please don't put it on the table.

They already did that.

What else can I do for you?

One parsec is the distance at which one astronomical unit subtends an angle of one arcsecond.

Pablo broke a window in the classroom.

How unfortunate!


I was very poor in those days.

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There isn't a single cloud in the sky.

No expense was spared.

It is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Is it legal to build this wall of separation?

Teresa and Fletcher introduced themselves to each other.

Some do think so.

Five prisoners were recaptured, but three others are still at large.

That guy is just exploiting you.

Kimmo made a strategic error.

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Kerry: "Crimea in exchange for Siberia!"

They have nothing against it.

I stepped aside for her to pass by.

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Rajendra asked Jesper if he could read her mother's letter.

If you don't have enough money, I'll lend you some.

Spencer has good sense.


You and I need to be friends.

You must get up at six.

I heard you need help.


The island is a paradise for children.

The plane was on the point of taking off.

The girl walking over there is my daughter.

It's a temporary condition.

Let's see what's wrong with it.

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It will be hard to sweep these crumbs.


Why did you ask for it?


Shirley doesn't like to lose.


What time are you meeting me?

Perhaps you overthink things.

Could I just ask you one question?

Do you sell eggs by the kilo or by the dozen?

I see Kenn here all the time.

I don't have enough time to explain that to you in detail.

I'd like a book.

The point is not to worry about what might happen tomorrow.

I was never brave.


I'll let her know.


I had curry and rice last night.

America did away with slavery.

Pat's eyes are bloodshot.


It's impossible to describe.

She won't get away.

Let's put things into perspective.


I can teach you how to read.

He will come.

Is it morally wrong to eat the meat from some animals, but not other animals?

I rang the doorbell.

She kept on talking after I asked her to stop.

I wonder if there's a market for something like that.

Could you just go help them?

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A cup of coffee refreshed me.

You need a cab, don't you?

You have only a short rest, so make the best of it.


Since we've gotten talking about Shakespeare... have you already read his composition?

From the tower you can look out across the plain spread beneath your eyes.

Would you like me to call you a cab?

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Because I hate you.

Oh! Is it true?

He gripped my hand.

His sons do as they please.

Sanjeev bought some potatoes.


He lied, without hesitation.

They are yellow.

Everyone said that I was wrong.

Brian barely has enough money so he consulted his parents.

I know it was strange.

A few were drunk most of the time.

It's pretty romantic, isn't it?

The money on the desk is not mine.

I didn't suspect anything.

I always try to drink milk at breakfast.

My favorite song is "Hotel Tatoeba".

He avowed his beliefs.

You can't tell him not to go.

They're both personally convinced of that.

Benjamin said he had a wonderful dream.


I did some work in the garden.

Lou was safe.

I don't think Timo would mind if I used his bicycle.


"You, a rich man?" said the Fox, and he began to laugh out loud. The Cat was laughing also, but tried to hide it by stroking his long whiskers.


I have lost my umbrella somewhere in the park. I have to buy one.

I haven't eaten at my grandmother's house since I was a kid.

Do you really think Kevan is innocent?

I saw Marnix's face.

You should clean your house more often.

I doubt everything, even my own doubts.

It's difficult to get the car going on cold mornings.


A grasshopper and many ants lived in a field.


Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest.

I'm afraid the situation is very serious.

I hope everything is fine at home.

That girl is hot.

Knut weighs a lot more than Ralph.


The children take care of that dog.

Here, smell this.

They have some doubts.

I didn't tell you because I didn't know.

Nobody knows what's going on in my country.

"How much money does Jeannie make?" "How would I know?"

He is staying with his aunt.

I asked Griff to behave himself.

This place gives me the creeps.


Did you and Kirk have a fight?


I have to work tonight.


Dole out your wisdom a little at a time.


This may not be such a good idea.

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Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.

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Nelken refused to allow Dave to go to the party.

Sebastian Cabot was John Cabot's son and also became an explorer.

When Indra was in kindergarten, he drew a picture of his family.

Do you think you can make it to the party?

The boss said that we are fired.

I'm on the phone with her now.

Tharen walked away from his car.

Tao eats cat food.

It doesn't matter to me one bit.

Why is it important to preserve the bees?

Sorry to trouble you.

I was young once.

All of my friends got asked to dance except me.

Opinion is something wherein I go about to give reason why all the world should think as I think.

She stood among the boys.

Rich and I got to know each other quite well when we traveled together.

I'd advise you to stop doing that.

Valeria has been away for over three years.

Saify is unconvinced.

Lievaart was passionate.

I am tired from playing.

I usually go to bed before ten.

Do you see what happens when you don't listen?

I told her I'd be right back.

Please speak slowly.

If you're not careful, you might hurt yourself.

Even if she got to be 50 years old, she would still be breathtakingly beautiful.

It will clear up in the afternoon.

That building whose roof is brown is a church.


You can reach me at this number.

She presumed on his weakness.

I'm afraid of spiders.


It's been a year since I've been here.

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He is descended from a musical family.

They were troubled deeply by the changes they saw.

I'm not going to play guessing games with you.

You need to give this to Clarence personally.

Martin looked Spyros in the eye.

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Hugh drowned while swimming in the river.

The blue of her eyes stands out against her rather dark skin.

The happiness of May is knocking at your door.


Let me come aboard.


He wants to be anonymous.


Many people think Donna is a snob, but I don't think he is.

Would you like me to help you with your luggage?

Al died on the operating table.

Kenton looked in the wrong direction.

The police arrested them.